Shanelle Matthews

Shanelle Matthews

Shanelle Matthews collaborates with social justice activists, organizations, and campaigns to inspire action and build narrative power for social justice and liberation. She recently completed her tenure as the Movement for Black Lives communications director. She founded Radical Communicators Network (RadComms), a global community of practice for social movement communications workers, and is a former faculty member in Resistance … Read more

Marzena Zukowska

Marzena Zukowska (they/them) is a Liverpool-based organiser, communications strategist, and co-director of the UK immigrants rights organisation POMOC. For a decade, they have developed narrative and organising strategies for leading social and political movements in the US, UK and Europe. Marzena is a co-chair and trustee of Migrants Organise and a leadership team member of the … Read more

Zaineb Mohammed

Zaineb Mohammed

Zaineb Mohammed is a writer and communications strategist based in Columbus, Ohio. Currently, she is the Communications Director at the Kataly Foundation where she leads the foundation’s efforts to share its learnings about wealth redistribution and racial justice grantmaking and investment practices with the field of philanthropy. As a social change communicator now working within … Read more

Beulah Osueke

Beulah Osueke

 Beulah Osueke (she/her) is a member of RadComms Leadership Team, a ReFrame Board member, and Executive Director of New Voices for Reproductive Justice, a movement organization that builds power for and alongside Black women, Black queer people, and Black marginalized people in PA and OH. Her work is rooted in community and power building with … Read more

Bia Jackson

Bia Jackson (they/them) is a Southern, Black, queer communications strategist, writer and organizer raised by a single mama on the south side of Richmond, Virginia. As a storyteller, they understand the importance of collective historical memory to apply to present conditions in order to create pathways to an abolitionist future. From Virginia with deep roots … Read more

Virali Modi-Parekh

Virali’s focus in communications is on translating and lifting science and research to influence policy and shift harmful narratives. She has led communications for organizations focused on reproductive health, environmental health, and climate and believes in her heart that data and research are critical for equity and sustainability – which is why she works to … Read more

Annie Neimand

Annie works with organizations and leaders to apply systems thinking, human-centered design, and the science of how people think and act to social change strategy. Annie takes a critical, anti-racist and feminist approach to projects that shift systems and culture toward equity and justice. Annie is the Director of Impact and Evaluation for Third Sector. … Read more

Phuong Pham

Phuong Pham works at the intersection of digital media and philanthropy. She currently leads a creative team at SoCal Grantmakers — using storytelling, cultural strategies, design, and data to shift power and narratives in the philanthropic sector. As an immigrant who moved to three continents in the past 15 years, Phuong is intentional about nurturing … Read more

Diana Huynh

Diana Huynh is a communications worker with more than 15 years of experience in the fields of journalism, nonprofits, and philanthropy and on areas such as community collaborative research and data, education equity, and racial justice. In her current role as communications director for Inatai Foundation, a 501(c)4 serving Washington, she supports community leaders and … Read more

Erin Malone

Erin is passionate about supporting movement organizations to effectively tell their stories. She loves supporting organizations to sharpen their communications strategy as well as building the teams, knowledge and systems necessary to create the most effective communications. She does that through supporting recruiting, training and coaching, as well as facilitation.  Erin has over 20 years … Read more