Radical Communicators Network 2018-2019 Leadership Team


The RadComms Leadership Team works together to shepherd RadComms from a burgeoning collective of comms pros to a reliable, networked, results-oriented resource for social movements.


Hermelinda Cortes

Singers Glen, VA

Three words that describe you: Country, Nepantla, cuentista

Your favorite food: cornbread con frijoles, sal, y limón

What is your vision for RadComms? My vision for RadComms is to live into being a keystone institution of imagination and a piece of infrastructure to build and connect the arsenal of political actors, communication strategists, narrative interventionists, and innovators to combine forces to change the socio, political and cultural ecosystem in which our movements are working for change.


JD Davids

Brooklyn, NY

Three words that describe you: Curious, imaginative, adaptable

Your favorite food: Lemons

What is your vision for RadComms? Thriving, honest and creative mutual support network with tremendous collective power.


Bryce Fields

Chicago, IL

Three words that describe you: Afro-futurist, revolutionary, hummingbird

Your favorite food: Pastries (all)

What is your vision for RadComms? To win our liberation by innovating and sharing digital communication tools and strategy with/in our communities.


Chelsea Fuller

Washington D.C.

Three words that describe you: Tender, strategic, visionary

Your favorite food: Pasta from all nations! Love noodles.

What is your vision for RadComms? I envision RadComms being the space where we finally debunk some of the myths about what it means to be communicators in social change movements, while also creating content that will change the way we educate, develop, and position radical communicators.

Shanelle Matthews

Brooklyn, NY

Three words that describe you: Innovative, curious, wanderlust

Your favorite food: Octopus, mussels, any kind of mollusk really + bourbon (not rye, sorry)

What is your vision for RadComms? Anything is possible, really. For now, I’d like to see us become a home for people who are passionate about the art of storytelling and persuasion for social good, who know deeply the importance narrative and story on the people’s lives, and who are committed to taking a radical approach to winning.

Micky Jordan

Richmond, VA

Three words that describe: you: Black, creative, curious

Your favorite food: Macarons + crème brûlée

What is your vision for RadComms? A multi-racial, radical communications network that has defined core values that meet the needs of our communities, offers support and mentorship for communicators and up-and-coming communicators, and develops shared strategic analysis to share broadly. 



Katrina Rogers

New Orleans, LA

Three words that describe you: Strategic, sarcastic, OnTheFreedomSide

Your favorite food: Flaming Young

What is your vision for RadComms? I envision RadComms being a space where we train those who will mold the world and culture that reflects our dreams. 

Ana Tellez

Berkeley, CA

Three words that describe you: Goofy, nerdy, dance-party-ready

Your favorite food: Tie between pozole and pho (I like stews!)

What is your vision for RadComms? RadComms is a network of interdisciplinary strategists communicating our way to winning local, state, national, and global social change for a just, inclusive world -- with no one left behind.

Marzena Zukowska

London, England

Three words that describe you: Unwavering, optimistic, restless  

Your favorite food: My mom makes these amazing "Polish-style" savory crepes that are overflowing with cheese, onions, tomatoes, and chunks of meat. I can eat them for weeks on end!

What is your vision for RadComms? My vision for RadComms is like the world we want to build: bountiful and limitless with no patience for borders.