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Shiyam Galyon

Shiyam Galyon


Houston, TX

Shiyam Galyon (she/her) is a communications strategist from Houston, Texas. She specializes in antiwar and anti-imperialist narratives that work to shift power towards those fighting for justice and self-determination.

After earning her B.S. Biology: Ecology Evolution & Behavior, Shiyam began working on organizing within her own Syrian community in Houston after the 2011 MENA uprisings against authoritarianism and for pluralistic, functioning democracies. Since 2011, there have been multiple waves of uprisings against corruption, authoritarianism, racism, policing, and capitalism in the U.S., Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, Arabophone region, Indian subcontinent, and across Asia, making transnational conversations all the more important. Shiyam is the previous managing director of the Books Not Bombs campaign, a student-led movement that created $2 million in scholarships for refugee and displaced students, the former communications coordinator at War Resisters League, and is currently consulting with

Three words that describe you:
Analytical, Discerning, Disarming

Your favorite food:

Thai Green Curry

What is your vision for RadComms?

I want RadComms to be the go-to hub for people seeking mentorship, growth, learning, and solidarity opportunities.